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Dropfleet Commander: Algonquin Shaltari Schritt für Schritt

Algonquin Shaltari Ich habe jetzt endlich mal die Zeit gefunden das Tutorial für meine Shaltari Flotte fertigzustellen und ins Deutsche zu übersetzen. Shaltari erfordern eine ganz andere herangehensweise als meine UCM Hauptflotte, die Modelle quellen förmlich über vor winzigen Detail und Shaltari Technologie ist so fremdartig das man nicht auf Anhieb erkennt was die Details … „Dropfleet Commander: Algonquin Shaltari Schritt für Schritt“ weiterlesen

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Prowlers and Intruders

Sticking with the theme of the Scourge for now I've been getting on with the reinforcements. Prowlers packs are the smallest of the Scourge vehicles and are deployed slung underneath Intruder Beta light dropships to perform forward scouting and anti-armour ambush roles. As with the rest of the forces they were painted using layers of sepia, red and blue washes blended with

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DZC: Scourge Desolator

The Scourge Desolator is the largest vehicle/flyer I have painted thus far for Dropzone Commander. It's an imposing ship with its distictive downward facing 'arms' surrounding and one assumes focusing the power of its vast Ion Storm Generator. Being a lot larger than the other ships I didn't think the pale palette suited the large upper surface

The Scourge know what brainslugs bring - it's diamonds and rust, by Blue Table Painting. Drop Zone, Sci Fi Art, Colour Schemes, Rust, Diamonds, Miniatures, Colors, Table, Painting

Models In for Dropzone Commander: Scourge

Today I received my army of now painted Scourge for Dropzone Commander. I had sent these off to Blue Table Painting to get painted up, and I have to admit, this is the first time I have ever had any models of mine painted by someone else. They turned out spectacular, and I am really happy with them. I also have my UCM there was well, and in total, both of these armies sit right around 2500pts each. There is a wide variety of models to get the most out of the games, and to try the most…

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Scourge Slayers

These weren't part of the plan for last weekend, however the Scourge are so easy to paint method wise they're one of those projects you can really easily just slip into any painting session whilst held up waiting for other stuff to dry/cure/set. The other 'stuff' in this instance was an AT-ST for Imperial Assault, but that's

Studio McVey presents new miniatures for Sedition Wars, including a new faction, the Bounty Dogs: Link: Studio McVey Colour Schemes, Lion Sculpture, War, Statue, Studio, Geek Gear, Space Ship, Bitter, Tabletop

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Dropzone Commander - Scourge MGT, Updated with - UCM Wolverine, Shaltari Infantry - Forum - DakkaDakka Bionic Eye, Its All Good, Colour Schemes, Wolverine, Color Schemes, Color Palettes

Dropzone Commander - Scourge MGT, Updated with - UCM Wolverine, Shaltari Infantry - Forum