Sentient - Beata and Jacob Rosen

Survivors of Day one, Beata and Jacob see the great potential of squatting vast tracks of property. They are appointed plenipotentiaries by the military and use this to consolidate their power. When the Sentient begin to appear on their land they engage the military to have them terminated. Things soon go terribly wrong and the couple and their army of supporters soon find themselves fighting for their lives.
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INTJ Friendships

Quote ~ start real, stay loyal, or stay away from me. You kbow who you are. If you dont like my life----get the hell out of it.

How to Deal with Toxic People

Toxic People: 12 Things They Do and How to Deal with Them

We’ve all had toxic people dust us with their poison. Sometimes it’s more like a drenching. Knowing these 12 signs will help you to avoid falling under the influence. Very excellent article


Thinkin of a Master Plan

More than just wall decals, BLIK designs home goods too. Our pillows bring graphic, fluffy goodness to your home.

Portrait of a female INTJ.

Portrait of a female INTJ - "appears" to enjoy sarcasm? Wow this is sstunningly accurate. Wonder if its also true for intp female?

Narcissistic Mother

Book and questionnaire for narcissistic personality disorder. I wish there was a cure for narcissism. No child should be raised in this environment.

Female INTJ

INTJ - introvert - woman- I'm affectionate though especially with my kids

this photo reminds me of high school, when during one school night in the fall trimester, all of us students would gather around a huge fire to celebrate the end of the fall sports season.

Candid Diversions: Life as an INTJ Female

Candid Diversions: Life as an INTJ Female. Thorough and humorous composite and reference to other INTJ sources.

INTJ Female= .8% of the population

Of course I would have the rarest personality type there is…No wonder nobody gets me… INTJ Female = of the population

this question changed my life My dream is living a sustainable creative simple life on 10 acres...I'm gettin there =)

Are you living your dream? photography black and white quote city people sad street dream text b

dcore project2 infographic

I am an owl (Female INTP) paired with a horse (Male ESFJ). It makes for an interesting life ;

"Déjeuner des Franc_Risqueurs vendredi 21 oct à 13h30 Le Comptoir de la crêpe calle huerta Madrid 68." #Entrepreneur #Ecommerce

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Nicole da Silva on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more.