Macedonian Tomatos Filled with Meat

It's All Greek: 20 Classic Recipes You'll Love: Domates Yemistes - Stuffed Tomatoes with Meat and Rice

Macedonian Meatballs

Macedonian Meatballs - Little Black Dog Wines, Swan Valley

Macedonian Pastrmajlija

Macedonian Pastrmajlija

Macedonian Pindzhur

Macedonian Pinjur (Baba ganoush on steroids) Recipe on

Macedonian Ravanija

Mlechnik is Macedonia’s answer to quiche, a rustic egg and milk pie made with hand rolled pastry.

Macedonian Baklava

Ingredients: 1 kg of thin koras 400 g of nuts 600 g of cooking oil 1250 g of sugar Cooking Instructions: Grease the baking pan.

Macedonian Sarma

16 Traditional Recipes of Delicious Macedonian Dishes - BeautyHarmonyLife