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EvilRegalKinglet Tassa

Who needs bros and hoes when you have T.V. shows? Evil Regal, Ugly Duckling, Kinglet.
EvilRegalKinglet Tassa
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From Whosay....Lana Parrilla: “Welcome back, Dear … Kristin Bauer Looking forward to seeing my one and only friend ;-) …” #EvilRegal❤️

Kristin Bauer Van Straten is back on the set of Once Upon a Time, reprising her role as sorceress Maleficent, and star Lana Parilla is documenting the occasion.

I shall never tire of these. :'D

Don't Forget the Sassiest! I love that British men can dress in drag and everyone still knows they are as straight as an arrow and move on

Regina's "Swan" meter lol

Once upon a time - Jennifer Morrison - Emma Swan - OUAT - Lana Parrilla - Regina Mills - Swan Queen -

Martha, Rose, Donna, Amy, Rory, 9, 10, and River trying to talk to 11.

I will always pin this gif.<<< I understood that reference! <<< And I understood that one. :) Also why didn't they use the gif of Rose on the TV screen in the Midnight Episode?

Incredible work by...Frivolouswhim❤️

Incredible work by.Frivolouswhim❤️ evil queen Regina once upon a time book page

#OnceUponATime #SwanQueen

#OnceUponATime #SwanQueen

by FrivolousWhim (twitter).

My favourite picture of the Evil Queen made by Frivolous Whim.

SHE SAID IT! IT'S OFFICIAL! #MrsDiBlasio #evilregal

The Queen is married! Lana Parrilla and Fred De Blasio married on July in British Columbia