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Melbourne high rise buildings disappear into fog

Melbourne and Sydney are struggling to meet the challenges of skyscrapers and urban planning. They should look to Portland and Vancouver for ideas on dealing with the population boom.


Melbourne City council gives identification numbers to its trees which allow admirers to write Dear Tree letters – and get replies

Participate Melbourne :: Integrated Waste Management Program

As our city continues to grow, we are generating more waste than ever before. Help us develop a program to increase recycling, decrease waste we send to landfill and keep our streets clean.

The Arbory

Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck pop-up is the hottest ticket in town.

Craig Yelland, director of Plus Architecture, is a big advocate for apartment living. He is pictured in his Port Melbourne apartment, where has lived for five years with his wife and two children.

New rules to ensure better apartments are built in Melbourne would improve living conditions but cost buyers tens of thousands of dollars more, the director .

5 Tips to Pick a Roommate Who Won't Compromise Your Safety and Security |

After you find out how old you really are, watch legendary gamers duke it out on the ONOG Summer Circuit, officially sponsored by GEICO. I got ageless gamer.

Rental Sign.

Renting a room from an empty nester can save a young person thousands a year. The older generation gets something, too.

A Basic Guide To Choosing Renters Insurance

10 Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Hiring A Pro

We can find you a site, help you with financing and planning, and then design, build and manage your building.

5 Tips For Finding A Good Landlord

A bad landlord can ruin the best rental property. Find out how to find an honest landlord that you can rely on.

Your Rights to Health & Safety: A Guide For Tenants & Their Home

Your rights as a tenant mean that maintenance of your home is a legal issue.

Melbourne skyscrapers

Urban planners concerned over Melbourne's high-rise apartment towers