Shannon Dalzell

Shannon Dalzell

Shannon Dalzell
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20 Healthy Dessert Recipes Starring Quinoa — Yes, You Read That Correctly

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest ancient grain of them all? Quinoa, of course. A nutritional powerhouse, quinoa has a way of stealing the spotlight from the rest of the ancient grains.

Maple-Crusted Salmon |

A spicy sweet rub tops salmon fillets that are broiled then drizzled with maple syrup to create a caramelized crust for a dinner ready in under 10 minutes.

Bye-Bye Lower Back Pain: Yoga Sequence For Mummies-to-Be

It may not be the safest idea for an expectant mumma to train for a marathon, but she can and should still do moderate exercise. Prenatal yoga will be your