Pictures from Afghanistan

Daily life of the people, places and events across Afghanistan, photographed by Kate Geraghty earlier this year. Selected images available from .

True Stories of Asylum

Amnesty Ambassador and Afghan refugee Najeeba Wazefadost © Hamish Gregory (but this one could do with some pull quotes and dot points to make it more web-friendly)

Life in Afghanistan

Scholastic News Online: Kids in Afghanistan


Map of Afghanistan (Islamic Republic of Afghanistan) Area is Sq miles.) The capital city is Kabul that was captured by the Taliban in 1996 but is now the capital of the government of Afghanistan led by president Karzai.

Facts about Women's rights

Facts about Women's rights

Afghanistan Culture

Welcome to Afghanistan Culture!

Children of War

War Child focuses in Afghanistan on the position of children in the society.


Afghan widows line up to receive food rations at a CARE International food distribution center in Kabul © AP 2005

Story of Asylum - Amnesty Internation

Story of Asylum - Amnesty Internation