Bacon & Egg Pie (New Zealand)

Famous New Zealand Bacon & Egg Pie

Famous New Zealand Bacon and Egg pie. "This is my mums, so the BEST pie ever! It is fantastic served with ketchup and in my opinion is probably better cold. Great for picnics.

Pork Adobo (Guam)

Pork Adobo

Pork adobo is one of my all-time favorite comfort foods. So easy to make, and so ridiculously delicious! I like to add lots of button mushrooms. I'm making this for dinner as we speak!

Vanilla Slice (Australia)

Vanilla slice

Reminisce with a childhood favourite with this classic vanilla slice recipe.

Guyuria (Guam)

Guyuria (pronounced gu-ju-ree-ah) is another traditional Chamorro cookie (Rosketti is another). Some of my friends call them jawbreakers because of their rock-hard texture. This cookie is not.

Australian Walnut Caramel Slices

The flavor combination of homemade caramel and dark chocolate explode in this delicious dessert.

Corn Soup (Guam)

Chicken corn soup is a classic dish on Guam. It’s made many different ways, from cutting corn kernels off fresh ears of corn to using canned or frozen corn. As with most recipes nowadays, yo…

Coconut Latiya (Guam)

Coconut Latiya - Pronounced 'la-tee-ja', this is a classic Chamorro dessert. A light, creamy, custard-like pudding topped with a generous sprinkling of ground cinnamon tops a layer of scrumptious cake. I say 'cus.

Coconut Candy (Guam)

Coconut candy is an island dessert that’s so simple to make, and fun to get the kids involved in making it. Growing up, we’d make this a lot during Chamorro Week at school.

Shrimp Patties (Guam)

This is Hannah, Annie’s daughter. I made some delicious shrimp patties for lunch one day. My version is somewhat different from the “regular” recipe most p…

Buñelos Dågu (Guam)

If you had to list your favorite Christmas food, what would they be? I'd have too many to list since I have quite a few favorites, but up near the top would be Buñelos Dågu. A delicious treat.

Cheese, Garlic and Chive Damper (Australia)

Australian Cheese, Garlic and Chive Damper

Australian Cheese, Garlic and Chive Damper. Damper is a traditional Australian bread, made without yeast, and commonly made on a campfire in a cast iron camp oven.

Coconut Raspberry Jam Slice (Australia)

This is similar to the classic coconut jam slice, except this one is gluten free and made with chia jam.