Alumni Showcase

This gallery features a wide range of genres and pieces that include sketches, sculpture, props, and digital paintings, which have all been submitted by students entering The Rookies.
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This reel marks the end of my journey in media was a great learning journey as a modeller.

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rhubarbes: Intergalactical Music Pilot by Oleg Memukhin. (via ArtStation - Intergalactical Music Pilot, Oleg Memukhin) More robots here.

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The Rookies is an International Awards for young designers, creators, innovators, and artists. Open to students and recent graduates only.

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“Title: Foot in the Door Artist: Daniel Kho

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Check out Gnomon's Student Work and Showcase. View the Student Gallery, Graduate Reels, Best Of Term, and Short Films.

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Making of "The Beast" by Javier Blanco - CG Student Awards Magazine

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