Big List of Homeschool Kindergarten Science activities, experiments and areas of study.

Homeschool Kindergarten Science

Even if you aren't homeschooling - lots of great activities to do at home with your little ones! Big Round-up of Homeschool Kindergarten Science Activities: Astronomy, Earth Science, States of Matter, Reasoning and Logic and more.

These indoor nature activities are perfect for preschoolers. Fabulous quiet time activities to help kids calm down.

Indoor Nature Activities for Kids

More then 12 simple and creative indoor nature activities for kids. Wonderful ways to bring the outdoors in and nature learning to life!

If you have preschool aged kids that loves art projects, you are going to love this list!

10 Awesome Art Projects for 3-4 Year Olds

This homemade all-natural herb and spice play dough uses natural ingredients to add scent and colour.

Homemade Herb and Spice Play Dough

This is a fabulous way to incorporate nature-provided ingredients into a fun, hands-on activity. I suggest it could even be used to create a lesson in science and/or nature study by learning about the herbs and spices themselves.

Three Billy Goats Gruff, an invitation to tell the story with props and play dough! | Little Worlds Big Adventures

Three Billy Goats Gruff Invitation to Play

This Three Billy Goats Gruff invitation to play has everything you need to act out the story, explore the small world and enjoy the sensory experience.