Mauritian Cuisine

This board focuses on Popular Mauritian dishes. Strong links can be found with Indian food, Chinese food, African food and European food. They all mix together to make an interesting multi-cultural cuisine, that is Mauritian Cuisine.
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Bol Renverse (Upside-down bowl) - is one of the most popular and most loved of Mauritian dishes. It has Chinese origins to some extend, however the presentation of the dish is what gives it the name. It consists of basically a fried egg, normally a chicken chop-suey, and white rice which are put into a bowl in that order, covered with a plate, then flipped around together, the bowl is removed carefully and voila, you have your upside-down bowl. A very clean and interesting presentation.

Remove the bowl carefully and enjoy your typical Mauritian Bol Renverse (upside down bowl)!

Gateaux Piments (Crushed split peas with lots of chilli and corriander, rolled into balls and deep fried)- a classic Mauritian snack.

Mauritian Chili Poppers | Gateaux Piments

Mauritian Dholl Puri Recipe Video - This flat-bread filled with crushed yellow split peas is a popular street food in the country. It is affordable, tasty and can be found on nearly every corner.

Mauritian dholl puri recipe - I have such cravings for this and will try it this weekend.

Vindaye Ourite (Octopus Vindaye) - one of my personal favourites.

Vindaye Ourite (Octopus Vindaye) - one of my personal favourites.