Excellent explanation of The Dreaming by indigenous Australians

Draft video for te Australian Museum for their Dreaming Stories. This is about Goorialla the Rainbow Serpent. The performers are my good friends and brothers: Gumaroy Newman, Eric Arthur Tamwoy (Turtle) and Norm Barsah.

Australian Passport Template - Kids can go anywhere! - Australian Curriculum Lessons

Summary: This document can be used to provide students with their very own Australian Passport. It can be used to support many learning areas and activities within the classroom.

Tiddalick the Frog  - Aboriginal Dreamtime Story

Tiddalick the Frog - Aboriginal Dreamtime Story. Oral traditions communicated through stories passed down from generation to generation

Dreamtime Stories - Australian Aboriginal on-line TV

Dreamtime Story Animations created for the Marambul Yuganha Exhibition at the Griffith campus of TAFE NSW Riverina Institute Exhibition Coordinator: Ca.

Download a FREE Anzac Day teaching resource pack from R.I.C. Publications.

ANZAC DAY – Honouring our Heritage commemorates the centenary of WWI and the Anzacs in Gallipoli, the texts covers nine different Anzac Day topics.

Aboriginal Images - A Cultural Lesson for Years 3/4 - Australian Curriculum Lessons

Aboriginal Images ~ A Cultural Lesson Plan Years Summary of lesson plan: Students will analyse an Aboriginal Image. They will use their detective skills to work out what is happening

Aboriginal Dreamtime Stories Unit of Lesson Plans - Year 3 and 4 - Australian Curriculum Lessons

Summary of Lesson Plans: This series of lesson plans will allow students to explore and analyse traditional Aboriginal Dreamtime Stories. Upon completion

ABC splash - Videos and resources

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures - ABC Splash. A brilliant learning resource site.

What made Tiddalik Laugh

This short animated film was adapted from one of my picture books called 'What Made Tiddalik Laugh'. The myth about the giant frog called Tiddalik and how he.