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Wingman Shot Glass  http://www.wicked-gadgets.com/wingman-shot-glass/

This cool Wingman Shot Glass is a shot glass duo that is connected so that you can truly drink together with your best buddy, and impress that hottie

Digital measuring tape  http://www.wicked-gadgets.com/digital-measuring-tape/  #for #guys

Take all the guess work out of your measurements with the eTape Digital Tape Measure. Taking accurate measurements on the fly and displaying them on its large digital display, and in general just making your life easier.

NES cartridge flask  http://www.wicked-gadgets.com/nes-cartridge-flask/  #NES #SNES #GADGETS #COOL

Why play games when you can be filling your body with liquor. These NES Cartridge flasks are perfect for the geeky in all of us. Get loaded from classic ga.

Credit card multi tool   http://www.wicked-gadgets.com/credit-card-multi-tool/  #clever #gadgets #camping #tool

Wallet Ninja 18 in 1 Multi-purpose Credit Card Size Pocket Tool, Screw Drivers

Wartech Tactical Spring Assisted Rescue Knife http://www.wicked-gadgets.com/wartech-tactical-spring-assisted-rescue-knife/ #hunting #camping #gadgets #survival #biohazard

Wartech Tactical Zombie Spring Assisted Rescue Knife Color: Green Model: (Hardware & Tools Store) - from BestOutdoorGear.

Car dashboard camera  http://www.wicked-gadgets.com/car-dashboard-camera/

Garmin Dash Cam 20 Standalone Vehicle HD Audio/Video Driving Recorder with GPS

Leather Beer Holster  http://www.wicked-gadgets.com/leather-beer-holster/

A drink holder even Wyatt Earp would've been proud to carry, these rugged leather beer holsters keep the beer at your fingertips and the crowd at your mercy.