How to travel in Australia on a budget

How to Travel in Australia on a Budget

How to travel in Australia on a budget. Tips on flights, accommodation, driving, eating, drinking and much more!

There’s something magical about the beginning of a road trip. It’s that high that comes from leaving obligations behind and hitting the highway with the windows down and music blasting — when it’s just you, your friends and all the freedom of the endless open road. And let me tell you: of all the road trips I’ve been on, our recent adventure on the Great Ocean Road was one of the best. With two winding lanes that curl between crashing waves, lush orange cliffs and heartachingly scenic…

What to See in Three Days on the Great Ocean Road

How to visit Australia in 3 weeks - an itinerary on places to visit, how long to stay in each location, things to see & do, where to sleep at night.

3 Week Itinerary to Visit Australia - What to See & Do

Packing for Australia in the Summer

Ultimate Female Packing List for Australia (in summer

After living here for the last 2 years and exploring the country on my own time, I have just about figured out the perfect packing list for Australia summer.

How to Rent a Campervan for Only $1

Campervan Relocation Deals: How to Rent a Campervan for $1

El Cheapo - Jucy Rentals

The JUCY El Cheapo Sleeper is a perfect choice for the budget roadie, but don’t let the price fool you, El Cheapo makes up for it with bags of character!

Rent a Campervan

Wicked offers a variety of campervans, mini campers, and car hire for you to choose from.