While there may be a variety of reasons to invest in black gold jewelry, many individuals choose this type of gold for its unique characteristics. Since white, rose and yellow gold rings have become so common over the years, a black gold ring is a real.

Great design. Ancient Viking bronze spiral ring.

Viking Ring ~ Ancient bronze spirals curl around the finger for this interesting design. This is actually really similar to my engagement ring.

Burcu Büyükünal Ring: Let It…, 2016 400 karat silver 2 x 3 x 3 cm Photo by: Umut…

Burcu Büyükünal Uni-sex Ring: Let It…, 2016 400 karat silver 2 x 3 x 3 cm Photo by: Umut Töre

Hans Hansen silver tapered wrap ring

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Ring | Luisa Bruni.  "Minisplash".   Burnished and polished sterling silver

Luisa Bruni - Ring "Minisplash" - Burnished and polished sterling silver

Jacqueline Ryan bracelet

Bracelet Marine Jacqueline Ryan The dragon bracelet in particular reveals just its marine origin thanks to the glaze color "French blue" that hides under its scales.

восковые модели ювелирных изделий

восковые модели ювелирных изделий

Waltz of the Winds!

Take a little dose of clear blue skies and dancing clouds and what do you get? Waltz of the Winds! Feel the rush beneath your feet and fly far and away!