One of my favourite grassland plants.... Craspedia, otherwise known as Billy Buttons

Native Australian grassland plant- Craspedia, otherwise known as Billy Buttons

Native Everlasting Daisy Rhodanthe chlorocephala

Native Everlasting Daisy (Rhodanthe chlorocephala) Grows naturally in the south of Western Australia extending into South Australia.

Also know as Australian Tea Tree (leptospermum laevigatum), most of the 86 different Leptospermum species make desirable garden plants and are available with white, pink or red flower shades. Cultivars range in size from 3-26 feet, so read labels carefully to avoid extra pruning. Leaves are evergreen and small. Hardiest are L. scoparium, L. lanigerum, L. liversidgei, L. polygalifolium, and L. rupestre, all of which can tolerate temperatures to -18°F; others are sensitive to frost. They…

Leptospermum scoparium, Ruby Glow: New Zealand Tea Tree, cold and drought tolerant, blooms Winter to Spring, zones-unknown.

'Birthday Candles' (Banksia spinulosa var.); Flowering from autumn through to early spring, in a sunny position. Can attract nectar eating birds and insects.

Flowering from autumn through to early spring, in a sunny position. Can attract nectar eating birds and insects.

Banksia spinulosa 'Birthday Candles' - ‘Birthday Candles’ looks great in a garden bed with Acacia ‘Limelight’.

Gondwana Nursery: Banksia Birthday Candles & Acacia cognata dwarf at MIFGS 2011

Grevillea 'Austraflora Fanfare' • Australian Native Plants Nursery • Plants • 800.701.6517

Grevillea 'Austraflora Fanfare' [Cultivar] part of the Proteaceae family with Burgundy-red flowers flowering in Spring-summer avaliable from Australian Native Plants located in Ventura, CA

Blue Fescue 'Blaufuchs' • Festuca glauca 'Blaufuchs' • Grey Fescue 'Blaufuchs' • Plants & Flowers •

Blue Fescue non-native - small mounding blue- grey grass. I love heavily mixing grasses with flowering perennials and more structural plants. They add a softness and intrigue. Low water and LOW maintenance.

Woolly bush (Adenanthos sericea) - SHRUBS - a low maintenance Western Australian native, characterised by silky grey foliage. It offers a great contrast to regular foliage. This sun-loving shrub makes a wonderful screening plant ins warm temperate, semi-arid and Mediterranean climates (Jamie Durie).

Genus: Adenanthos Species: sericeus Common Name: Albany Woolly Bush or Silver Streak Flower Colour: Red Foliage Colour: Grey-Green .

Banksia Occidentalis - February Flowers

proteas and native flowers grown fresh in beautiful south-eastern Tasmania, weddings and floral design

Acacia 'Fettuccini' is an outstanding new foliage form of the species cognata. A. 'Fettuccini' displays the most unique and extremely decorative rippled, lime green foliage throughout the year. The new growth bursts into coppery tones before fading to the fresh lime green colour. This variety will provide a modern edge to any landscape. An easy to grow and care for Australian native - the choice of the modern gardener. More info at

Plants Management Australia Pty Ltd - Acacia "Fettuccini" , grows high x wide, full sun, part shade, it displays unique and decorative rippled lime green foliage.