strawberries and papaya by Mango Frooty, via Flickr

I've decided to start an Artist of the Month post, because there are sooo many good artists out there and I would love to share my finds. My first artist is Gabby Malpas.

Orchids and lemon by Mango Frooty, via Flickr…..Art work by Gabby Malpas watercolor and pencil on paper

Gabby Malpas: Orchids and lemon still life Watercolour and pencil on paper x Sydney 2011 This one was selected to hang as part of the Hornsby Art Prize competition Nov.

camellias by Mango Frooty, aka Gabby Malpas -

Mango Frooty -CAMELIAS - Watercolour and pencil on sewn arches paper. (Camelias from Hillandale Garden & Nursery, Yetholme, NSW.