One of my favourite grassland plants.... Craspedia, otherwise known as Billy Buttons

Native Australian grassland plant- Craspedia, otherwise known as Billy Buttons

Banksia prionotes • Australian Native Plants Nursery • Plants • 800.701.6517

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Banksia prionotes, commonly known as Acorn Banksia or Orange Banksia, is a species of shrub or tree of the genus Banksia in the family Proteaceae. It is native to the southwest of Western Australia

Hakea laurina, Australian plant

Hakea laurina (Pin-cushion Hakea) is one of the most beautiful native plants of south-western Australia. In Italy and America its uses include street and hedge planting. by David Lade, via ShutterStock

Jamie North. Terraforms. 2014.

Jamie North is a Sydney based artist, recent work has involved the casting of brutal concrete sculptural forms in which a variety of native plants are.

Artist Jamie North uses native Australian plants and waste from industry. 'Rock Melt' pictured above was commissioned by the National Gallery of Australia in 2015.

Created by Jamie North, Rock Melt is an installation of sculptures exhibit at National Gallery of Victoria International, featuring 6 concrete columns en béton