Hey! I've been there!

Cottesloe beach, Perth, Western Australia, My favorite beach in Perth, been here twice:)

Koeksisters.. still miss this dish


South-Africa - Koeksisters: A traditional South African treat, koeksisters are wickedly sweet and make for a delicious tea time treat.

Have been to Pretoria once, but not at the time when Jacaranda mimosifolia in full bloom :(

Pretoria, South Africa -Jacaranda trees in bloom. Students believe that if a blossom falls on their heads, they will pass their exams.

Uh Oh, very close to paris and other eu country, but didn't have chances to travel there

Toulouse is known as the Ville Rose ("Pink City") for its special brick color architecture.

Jian bing.. wo yao mai yi ge

Jian bing (Chinese street food - usually Breakfast). Fried egg on a crepe with cilantro, green onion, garlic and hoisein sauce.

frequently went here :-)

frequently went here :-)

favorite dish from our moslem canteen in beihang

Kung Pao Chicken - Hong Kong City Seafood Restaurant - Zmenu, The Most Comprehensive Menu With Photos