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two women with different facial expressions on their faces, one is looking at the camera
#bottomsmovie #strangerthings (post from x:)
a vase filled with pink flowers sitting on top of a table next to a magazine
Jeff Buckley
a woman in a green sequin dress standing next to a dolphin with her mouth open
two women sitting in a bathtub full of potato chips and one is eating something
I think the most insane thing about this is the fact that we opened the giant box of Taytos and I went “Should we..” and @siobhni said “Do an American Beauty in the bath yes” How both of our brains went immediately to that makes me really happy
four people are shown in this funny poster
a man and woman walking in the woods with text that reads, my comfort film
I adore this film!⚡
Lisa Frankenstein (2024) #lisafrankenstein
some ice cubes with the words my mouth after drinking water while chewing mint gum
fr an icecave
a woman holding a white rabbit in her arms with a quote on the image above it
the girl is talking to someone on her cell phone while standing in front of other people
two women with snakes on their backs and the words today i will be evil and inconsolable
two women sitting next to each other in front of a table with candles on it