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Aayliah Lomas-Spano

Aayliah Lomas-Spano
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Ruined Lives ⇛ Thomas (Book one) #wattpad #fanfiction

Ruined Lives ⇛ Thomas (Book one)

I have ridiculously fine hair, albeit a lot of it. I sure wish I had beach curls, sometimes. Just girly things πŸ’•

But first, draw happy faces on them. :D Some other ideas in a doodle from years back here~


Thoughts In Bloom - Inspired Poetry by T. Johnson - Thoughts in bloom as clouds resume. and sun on petals played. in heaven's field were dreams revealed. and hearts did serenade.

balloon showers

color- i chose this because i love attending concerts or huge parties and love how the color of the balloons stand out in the picture.