Major achievements: 1998 - Australian of the Year. 2000 - Australian Sports Medal. Personal bests 100m-11.24s 200m-22.25s 300m-36.42s 400m-48.63s. She is the sixth fastest woman of all time. She was the first ever Aboriginal Commonwealth Games gold medalist in 1990.

Cathy Freeman, Olympic champion of the women's 400 meters at the 2000 Olympics

Cathy Freeman is a proud native Australian. Cathy was the first Aboriginal track and field athlete to represent Australia at the Olympics. She has broken boundaries no one believed possible in a country riddled with deep-rooted racism. She has been met with a mix of controversy and praise thanks to her passion towards her heritage. Cathy took her victory lap with the Aboriginal and Australian flag draped over her shoulders. It was a public proclamation of Aboriginal rights.

Cathy Freeman carries flags during a victory lap after at the Sydney Games.

Cathy Freeman victory lap with Australian and Aboriginal Flags.

All too often the matter of Australian Aboriginal identity is decided superficially – by looking at a person’s face and general appearance. Colour is often the measure of Aboriginality, since the original…

Full name: Catherine (Cathy) Astrid Salome Freeman  Born: 16th February, Mackay Queensland  Sport: Runner Cathy's dad's name is Norman Freeman her mum's name is Cecelia. She also has a step dad, Bruce Barber and 5 siblings. From an early age she realized she did not only love to run but she was good at it. When she was just a girl she began to dream about being the World's greatest female athlete and being an Olympic Champion. This dream kept her focused and helped her achieve that dream.

One of the most admired Australian in the world, Cathy Freeman. Unofficial Brand Ambassador of Australia.

Cathy Freeman quote - "You got to try and reach for the stars or try and achieve the unreachable".

Cathy Freeman quote - "You got to try and reach for the stars or try and achieve the unreachable".

Cathy Freeman Foundation- The Cathy Freeman Foundation aims to close the education gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous children.

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