The Unfunded Client Group - mental health clients in remote areas

Services need to make sure they are prepared for all the changes ahead. Clients with a diagnosis of mental health condition may not be eligible to continue receiving support through funded aged or disability programs.

Clients generally enjoy the opportunity to get out and socialise. This is sometimes more important to them than having their house cleaned or receiving a shower.

The benefits of bush trips and activity days in aged care - CDCS Pty Ltd - Culturally Directed Care Solutions

Toolbox Talks and Info Shares are great ways to share relevant workplace related information in bite sized chunks.

Toolbox Talks and Info Shares: upskilling your workforce - CDCS Pty Ltd - Culturally Directed Care Solutions

It's not wrong for Non profit organisations to make a profit. The difference is that this profit not only keeps the organisation viable and able to continue to support their client base but also allows them to improve service and support to that same base or others in need.

For some people, the idea of a non-profit organisation charging fees and making a profit is an oxymoron.

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Five easy ways of gaining client feedback

CDCS supports community care organisations to provide culturally appropriate, quality care outcomes to the frail aged and younger people with a disability.

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It's important to allow clients to outline their goals and aspirations.

Helping your clients identify meaningful goals - CDCS Pty Ltd - Culturally Directed Care Solutions