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Visuals and social stories for students with special needs and autism to learn to manage their own behavior and stay calm. Tools for Teaching Self-Regulation and Relaxation by Autism Classroom News

Wow I have been dealing with a lot of kids with high anxiety lately. Anyone else been having that issue? I don't know if it's the weather or what, but it just seems like a lot of my students are reall

Love this!! Social stories to target behavior :)

Social stories to target common occurrences in the classroom. This could help a teacher or aid be proactive to a potential behavior rather than reactive. It is a quick guide of stories a child may face throughout their school day.

social stories

A visual schedule for calming down. Created by Matthew Summers. Visual charts for school and home use. These were originally created for special education students, but can be modified if, and where, needed.

Living Well With Autism - Social Stories - Hygeine, Grooming, puberty

Social Stories for individuals with AAC devices. Stories about hygeine, grooming, puberty. Pinned by KW.


SOCIAL STORIES Value Pack (AUTISM) I have combined 6 Social Stories in this packet. Get all 6 Social Stories for a value price. Social stories are a great tool for u.