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A Brilliant Summer Border Idea with Crocosmia, Agapanthus and Grasses

Agapanthus and crocosmia - both bulbs come in different colours so you could alter this combination to suit - pale blue and yellow, white and orange or maybe purple and deep red!

/\ /\ . Magnolia Grandiflora 'Little Gem' or 'Teddy Bear' dwarf varieties make good evergreen hedges. Full size: 20'H x 7'W but can be kept to 13'H. Plant 4' apart. Avoid straggly leggy trees by tip pruning new growth by half all around individual plants in early years for good structure and dense form when hedge matures. Once each plant is thick, prune the face and top of hedge as wide or tall as you like, ie: 2.5' wide, 13' tall. Round the top.

If you want to grow an Evergreen magnolia hedge you are best using a Magnolia ‘Little Gem’ or Magnolia ‘Teddy Bear’ as these are dwarf varieties of the…