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Adam Animelover

Just down the road maybe a 5 min walk / So I just got this cos my crush recommend it to me xD
Adam Animelover
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Pretty much Celty, Shizuo, and Izaya's relationship. Shizuo: "One minute Celty I see something." *throws random vending machines, signs, and Izaya* "Never mind it was just a flea.

Durarara デュラララ Durarara !! x2 Ten Shizuo Heiwajima 平和島 静雄 Vorona ヴァローナ  Kasuka Heiwajima 平和島 幽 Ruri Hijiribe 聖辺 ルリ  Akane Awakusu 粟楠 茜   Raizo Senpai - GIF anime manga raizo senpai gif animegif anime gif For more visit: Tumblr @

My favourite part of that episode is when he randomly appears with a cat on his head

Adventure Time

25 Actors You Might Not Have Known Did Voices On "Adventure Time".MIND = BLOWN I didn't know Andy Milonakis (I don't think I spelled that right) was Neptr!