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Stuffed Steak Rolls

Stuffed Steak Rolls Per roll - meat, fats, veg, dairy (swap provolone for low fat leerdamer)

Metabolism-Boosting Smoothie Recipe | POPSUGAR Fitness

A Breakfast Smoothie With Metabolism-Boosting Powers 6 ounces vanilla nonfat Greek yogurt 8 almonds cup broccoli florets, stems cut off 1 cup frozen strawberries cup cannellini or garbanzo beans cup iced green tea 1 teaspoon flaxmeal teaspoon cinnamon

Breakfast Smoothies For Weight Loss | POPSUGAR Fitness

Go Tropical With Our Debloating Smoothie — Under 250 Calories, Too! cup pineapple cup papaya 1 frozen banana cucumber (with skin) 1 cup chilled coconut water (or 4 coconut water ice cubes and cup chilled coconut water) 2 cups spinach 4 ice cubes