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adeline chandra

adeline chandra
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Indonesian fried rice

NASI GORENG - 6 shallots 3 garlic shrimp paste-toasted red chili 3 eggs chicken breast, deep-fried/shredded cooking oil rice-cold pepper kecap manis soy sauce onion-chopped 1 Chinese celery, chopped Shallot flakes Fried egg, sunny side up

Indonesian gado gado salad

Indonesian gado gado salad (Peanut Sauce 2 cloves garlic 10 g bird's eye chili (green chili) 20 g gula melaka(can substitute molasses) tbsp salt 100 g peanuts, deep-fried or roasted tbsp kecap manis(soy sauce) Juice of lime 1 cup water

I need something like this, with a  creamy coffee colored background! I'm planning on doing my future kitchen in all coffee stuff.

Behind Every Successful Person Is a Substantial Amount of COFFEE Box sign with zebra edging. Perfect for the coffee drinker.Size: Wood with vintage white letteringAll box signs are 1 deep.Free stand on tabletop or hang for wall display.

no-bake avocado mint chocolate cake

Yeah, you heard me.