Fruit Tingle

How to make a Fruit Tingle

Fruit Tingle - vodka +blue curacao + raspberry cordial or grenadine. Top with lemonade or and add cherries and blueberries. It looks like a galaxy drink!


How to make a Toblerone cocktail

One of everyone& creamy cocktail favourites. Ditch the blender and shake your Toblerone cocktail for a more intense flavour - try it!

Midori Splice

How to make a Midori Splice

Learn how to make a Midori Splice cocktail. The melon and coconut flavours work together for a deliciously sweet, tropical mix!

Midori Illusion

How to make a Midori Illusion

The Midori Illusion is always a popular request. A deliciously, sweet mix with melon and pineapple flavours, what

Japanese Slipper

How to make a Japanese Slipper Cocktail

~ Japanese Slipper ~ A super easy one to remember! This one has the right amount of sweetness from the Midori and Cointreau balanced with the tangy citrus of the lemon juice.


How to make a Kahlua Mudslide Cocktail

Thick vanilla ice cream perfectly matches the coffee-flavoured Kahlua and rich Baileys whilst the vodka just gives it that extra kick that a Mudslide cocktail needs!

Sex on the Beach

How to make a Sex on the Beach

Sex On The Beach oz. Dole pineapple or orange juice a splash of rose grenadine (You can add a splash of half half cream) Sex On The Beach Mixing Instructions: Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker wi

Pina Colada

How to make a Pina Colada

July is National Pina Colada Day, put the rum in the coconut and shake it all up! Whether you're on a beach enjoying the sunshine on your face, or at home after a long day of work, you can kick up your feet and celebrate in style .

Espresso Martini

How to make an Espresso Martini

Espressotini recipe: 1 and ounces of vanilla vodka (I prefer ounce of Kahlua, 1 espresso shot. A helpful tip, if you want the martini to really froth up, let the espresso shot chill to room temperature before shaking it up.