Chinese Cabinet

Chinese Cabinet
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an old wooden barrel with metal handles
Antique Chinese Round Steamer Side Table
Item No: 41-106 Item Name: Antique Chinese Round Bamboo Steamer Side Table Dimension : 50.5 (w) x 50.5 (d) x 45 (h) cm Circa: 1920s This antique Chinese Round Steamer was used for cooking Chinese buns or steam large plate of food on the wood fire cook top. It could be used as a special round side table, telephone table in any hours
Item No: 70-155

Item Name: Chinese Antique Red Patina Side Cabinet

Dimension : 93 (w) x 45 (d) x 86 (h) cm

Circa: 1860s

This Chinese Antique small Cabinet featured its a few layers of dark red distressed patina and original iron hardware and hinges. Red Cabinet, Red Cabinets, Iron Hardware, Small Cabinet, Chinese Antiques, Dark Red, Hinges, Patina
Chinese Antique Red Cabinet
Chinese Antique Red Cabinet
Item No: 39-072

Item Name: Original Dark Brown Large Book Case/Display Cabinet

Dimension : 146 (w) x 43 (d) x 209 (h) cm

Circa: 1880s

Feature: Original Hardware two Compartments, Giant Chinese Antique Wood Book Case , Top Part Open, with bottom section with doors and drawers, original bronze hardware. Dark Brown, Wood Book, Bronze Hardware, Antique Wood, Book Case, How To Antique Wood, Display Cabinet
Giant Dark Brown Book Case/Display Cabinet
Giant Dark Brown Book Case/Display Cabinet
an old wooden cabinet with ornate carvings on the front and sides, in red wood
Antique Chinese Stacking Wedding Cabinet
Dimension :71 (w) x 40 (d) x 197 (h) cm Circa: 1870s This antique Chinese stacking cabinet is arranged by stacking three separate travelling chests onto each other. All three chests have gilt black oval on the front panels painted with people and scenery. The effect is beautiful and very functional.
an old blue and red cabinet with many drawers on the bottom, against a white background
Antique Chinese Medicine Herb Cabinet
Dimension : 62 (w) x 45 (d) x 159 (h) cm Circa: 1880s Feature: This cabinet with 24 drawers and 3 sections each drawers was used to hold herb medicines in a Chinese apothecary centuries ago. The name of each herb medicine is written on the door. This exotic apothecary cabinet will not just be an excellent show piece, but can be used as a miscellaneous cabinet or to store tools, office, or art supplies
an old red cabinet with two doors
Black and Red Chinese Painted and Carved Cabinet
Dimension : 95 (w) x 40 (d) x 120 (h) cm Circa: 1890s This Red Antique Chinese Cabinet with Carvings and Paintings is a unique piece from Jiang Xi Province of China. It is in red lacquer with black paintings and carvings on arch door panels. This design is rarely seen and would be a theme piece in any room.
an old red wooden door with metal grills
Chinese Red Set of 4 Doors Lattice Panels & Carvings
Antique Chinese Red Set of 4 Doors Lattice Panels & Carvings
an old wooden cabinet with two drawers
Antique Natural Elm Chinese Console Table w/Carved Legs
Item No: 39-073 Item Name: Original Natural Elm Console Table w/Carvings Dimension : 184 (w) x 45.5 (d) x 81(h) cm This Chinese antique elm altar table featured 5 cm thick top, four drawers and a set of doors and four curly legs and carved dragons and bottom panels. It is in great condition and would be a feature piece of any rooms. Circa: 1860s
four different views of an old wooden dresser
Piece of the day
Piece of the day: Antique Large wooden Wardrobe Cabinet - Mixed of Burl wood and Walnut. A large Chinese turn of the century wood cabinet with two set of two doors and multiple drawers in the middle. The top cupboard doors were made of special burl wood and other parts were made of walnut. It also featured its original Brass plates and hardware with locks.
an old wooden cabinet with two drawers
Chinese Gold Leaf Chest Cabinet
Chinese Gold Leaf Chest Sideboard
a tall white cabinet with gold decorations on the front and bottom drawers, all in different shapes and sizes
White CD/DVD Storage Cabinet - Butterflies
DVD Tower Chinese White Embossed Butterflies
an old wooden cabinet with two doors and one drawer on the bottom, is shown
Antique Chinese Red Side Cabinet
Antique Chinese Red Side Cabinet Carved Drawer
Chinese Red Medium Cabinet Scenery Painted Media Cabinets, Gold Painting, Cabinet Dimensions, Media Cabinet, Hand Painting, Red Paint, Gold Paint
Red Medium Cabinet with Gold Painting
Chinese Red Medium Cabinet Scenery Painted
Yellow Tibetan Painted Bedside Table Dragon Paintings, Painted Bedside Tables, Traditional Dragon, Painted Dragon, Removable Shelf, Bedside Cabinet, Painted Table
Chinese Bedside Table with Painted Dragon
Yellow Tibetan Painted Bedside Table
Chinese Red Floral Painted Bedside Bedside Table Styling, Bedside Drawers, Chinese Paper, Leather And Wood, Chinese Furniture
Chinese Red Flower Painted Bedside
Chinese Red Floral Painted Bedside