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Carrot fries (taste just like sweet potato fries)! When making carrot slices I worried they were too thin, but they ended up being perfect. Go easy on olive oil. Put a little oil in plastic zip lock and move til all sticks are covered.

Garlic Roll Cupcakes

Garlic Roll Cupcakes from "Plain Chicken" 1 can count) refrigerated breadsticks cup butter, softened 1 tsp garlic bread seasoning (Johnny's) 1 Tbsp grated parmesan cheese shredded parmesan cheese

A healthy lunch is very important.

Here is a great list to get you shopping for the right school lunch box choices for your child. Putting aside a special space in the fridge for lunchbox items can help you reach for the right foods when packing up during those busy rushed mornings.

Your kids won't get bored thanks to a whole month's worth of school lunch ideas!

Easy School Lunch Ideas for Kids - One Whole Month of Ideas with No Repeats!

Stuck for easy school lunch ideas for kids? Well how would you like a whole month's worth of options that even your picky eater will love?

Pasta and Broccoli Salad Cooking the pasta and the broccoli together makes this easy salad even easier.

Pasta and Broccoli Salad

Lunch Box Ideas -

Bento Love: Turkey Rolls & Tomatoes

Lunch Box Ideas: Turkey Rolls - id skip the tomatoes, but i'd use Quorn meat slices instead of turkey.