A Fresh Legacy on Vasili's Garden TV show. Re-watch the episode.

Watch Vasili's Garden TV episode with Kyrstie from A Fresh Legacy. An edible backyard garden

Teaching preschools how to grow vegetables - YouTube

Vegetable gardening for preschools. Garden set up and incursion program for children. Geelong, Bellarine and Melbourne areas.

A Fresh Legacy's (@afreshlegacy) Story on Steller

Gardening with children

Winter Vegetable Garden_AFreshLegacy - YouTube

Take a wander around my Winter vegetable garden. Start to grow your own fresh food - rug up and head out into the cool crisp air.

1 Kitchen Garden Box Plant Seeds - YouTube

Tips and steps to plant and raise seeds successfully. The first step in using your Kitchen Garden Box. How to plant vegetable seeds in Spring.

Kitchen Garden Box Unboxed - YouTube

Take a look inside the Kitchen Garden Box. Developed for busy families to start their own vegetab.