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A Winter Trip to Tokyo
In this trip I explore the dazzling lights of Shinjuku and chat with a Kebab food truck operator "Johnny", originally from Uzbekistan. We chat about Alex Valkanovski and the dangers of Kabukicho.
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Myeong-dong street food
In this recent video I enter Toegyre-ro in Myeong-dong to hunt for street food
a large pot filled with meat and garnished with parsley
Heard about Kikalayi Pork Before?
Now you gonna ask: "What is that that looks so yum"? Well, welcome to Uganda, the second biggest pork eater in the world after China. Are you headed to the "Pearl of Africa" soon or you just wanna learn how to make it in your own backyard? Yes you can, Kikalayi pork is a big deal and you need to try it out. Check out the article below and let us know what you think.
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Top 5 Cape Verdean Meals Every Visitor Must Try Out
Top 5 Cape Verdean Meals Every Visitor Must Try Out I want to take you to the beautiful African island of Cape Verde. In this post I will talk about the top 5 Cape Verdean Meals you must try. But I want to begin with a short story. I was an excellent geography student scoring […]
5 of the Best Kenyan Street Food
5 of the Best Kenyan Street Food Oh Kenya, I love you. The beaches, the night life, and the food – the Kenyan street food. Who would’nt enjoy nyama choma? Or mutura? In Africa we are big meat eaters, just like the big four cats, and we love it that way. Kenya is my neighbour […]