Pink Robin (Petroica rodinogaster) by Tim Collins Tasmania IT'S A REAL THING! The Pink Robin is a small passerine bird native to southeastern Australia. Its natural habitats are temperate forests and subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests.

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The Bay Of Fires Will Take Your Breath Away

Seeing these photos of Tasmania is like a breath of fresh air, so so beautiful. Firmly on my bucket list now! The Bay of Fires is a bay on the northeastern coast of Tasmania in Australia, extending from Binalong Bay to Eddystone Point.

Magical Rainforest walk at Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, Australia. by Mel Sinclair.

~~Sunset over the Bay of Fires at Binalong Bay, Tasmania, Australia by Jarrod Castaing Fine Art Photography~~ sacha reihani foreignvr

This is one part of auatralia that is unrelenting in its natural beauty and is in abundance with history, a tranquil and serene destination to visit, Coles Bay, Tasmania, Australia

Wineglass Bay, Tasmania - 50 of the Best Beaches in the World. Lived in Tasdie, two months in

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The Bay of Fires is a bay on the north eastern coast of Tasmania in Australia. The bay was given its name in 1773 by Captain Tobias Furneaux who saw the fires of Aboriginal people on the beaches.

Newdegate Cave, within the Hastings Caves State Reserve in Tasmania's south-east. Hastings Cave is Australia’s largest developed cave, and being formed from dolomite, it’s also one of the rarest.

Mick Hoult, surfing on the edge of sanity in Tasmania. Pic by Stuart Gibson

Tasmania Map, Australia

Martin Haake - Tasmania map Great to see the excellent Black Cow restaurant featured on it.