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The real cost of clutter... We will be de-cluttering our basement this weekend while Allie is gone!

The Cost of Clutter - Kicking the Clutter Series - "So let me see here… Clutter makes me less effective & efficient, more chubby, stressed, & broke? Clutter, you’re out of here.

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CLICK THE PIN FOR ALL 10 tips to help you amp up your authenticity, improve your life, become a better person, and trust your intuition! Wondering how to live an authentic life when everyone's always (Try Life Words)

Last week I wrapped up the biggest launch of my business so far.   I more than doubled all of my stretch goals, enrolled more amazing students  than I anticipated, and tested out a LOT of advanced strategies that I had  never tried before.   This launch wasn’t big by accident - it was designed

5 Things I did and didn't do to have a launch without spending a penny on ads for my digital course.