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an artistic sculpture is mounted on the wall above a marble bench in a room with white walls
a white light sitting on top of a table next to a black and white object
Foam — joseph algieri
a blue sculpture with two white balls in it
‘The New Paradigma’ exhibition responds to the fast consumption of products
a person dipping fries into a bowl with ketchup and mustard on the side
#fries #chips #food #ketchup
a flowered bowl with two spoons in it sitting on a table next to a wall
Buy Paper Towel Holder Handmade Ceramic Paper Towel Stand Unique Kitchen Decor Stylish Countertop Accessory Gift for Home Online in India - Etsy
a pink pig shaped pen holder with glasses on it
makeup brushes are arranged in a cup on the counter top, with eyelashes painted on it
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kawaii home decor ashtray red
Chunky flower candle holder 🌸🕯 #DIY #pottery #air dry clay #decoration #quick #easy
Difficulty: Medium E • Air dry clay • Water • Colores
three toothbrushes are in a white holder
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