Rambling Roses.

There are three types of Rambling Roses: the Sempervirens, the Wichuranas and the Multiflora Ramblers. Divine!
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three different images of pink flowers with green leaves
french rambling rose "Albertine". Just sublime ....
white flowers are blooming in the garden
Hybrid Wichurana Rose: Rosa 'Bobbie James' (U.K., 1961)
three white flowers with green leaves in the background
'Persian Musk Rose', 'Nastarana', 1879
white flowers are blooming in the garden
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Félicité Perpétue: (Rambler) A vigorous rambler bearing large clusters of creamy-white blooms which are globular in form and scented. A useful rambler in that it is later flowering - early to mid-July and is almost evergreen. 4.5m x 3m. Summer flowering. 1827 Jacques
purple flowers are blooming in the garden
Photo Rosa "Veilchenblau" - Rose, Kletterrose, Rambler by Tina & Horst Herzig Photography
Rosa 'Veilchenblau' | Rambler Rose
white flowers with yellow centers blooming on a bush in front of a brick wall
'Wedding Day' | Rambling rose. Bred by Sir Frederick C. Stern (United Kingdom, 1950).
pink flowers are blooming on the tree
Rosa 'Blush Rambler'
some orange and white flowers in the grass
Ghislaine de Feligonde
pink and white roses blooming in the garden
The Antique Rose Emporium
Felicia 1928 Fully double flowers of apricot pink fading to cream grace this medium-sized shrub or pillar rose. Felicia is very generous with her blooms which have one of the most intense fragrances in its class, making it an excellent cut flower. The moderate size allows it to be grown in a large container or planted as a specimen in a more restricted area. scent is wonderful
pink flowers are blooming in the garden
~Robinette Rambler rose
the white flowers are blooming on the tree
Kiftsgate Rose —
~Rosa filipes 'Kiftsgate' - a large rambling rose
white roses are blooming in the garden
'Mountain Snow' rose
'Mountain Snow' | Rambler, Hybrid Wichurana, David CH. Austin , 1985 | Flickr…
pink flowers are blooming in the garden
Fleurs, Plantes & Arbres
~The Albrighton Rambler AUSmobile 2013