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Aislinn Jessop

Aislinn Jessop
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Interesting idea for fantasy makeup... :D {It is Rainbow} :)

A creature Lara meets, wearing skin covered in zippers. One jarringly unzips the zippers over her eyes, revealing raw muscle and big gaping eyeballs. She would rapidly unzip and rezip the zippers to "blink" as they talked.

Color Excercise- Purples! Try this in watercolor (also- water drops are awesome and totally a bitch to nail. Practice! )

The beautiful depth in the colors, the soft and subtle hues, the gorgeous water droplets, all of these come together to make this picture cool and appealing, an soothing and lovely photo.

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Every umbrella in this photo compliments one another. There isn't a umbrella that sinks into the other, they all pop and accent the other umbrellas around it. That's why analogous colour schemes are so beautiful.