Confuse the hell out of your students when you hand out the mixed messages pencils. Originally designed to promote anti-drug awareness, these writing utensils will hilariously backfire once the shortening of the pencil reveals a very different message.

Mixed Messages Pencils

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Lion sketch

Rembrandt-A-Lion-Lying-Down; An extinct Cape Lion in a drawing by the Dutch artist Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn ( Detail).

Cheetah drawing

Hot Jurassic Park Dinosaur Kids Backpack for Boys Girls Zoo Animal Children Back Pack Tiger Mochila Infant Child Shoulder Bags

Tree/Heart painting

Wall decor Home decorative art wall decorative painting framed abstract art tree of life painting: Abstract , Free sh

Bird painting

rook bird on a branch feathers nature animal abstract art drawing painting illustration color pattern Abby Diamond I love these colours

A painting in a mall

A painting in a mall

A painting in a mall

A painting in a mall

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