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Jesus proved that we can live a happy sonship without having to control others. He knew internally who he was and what he was called to do. He had no need to prove that by being controlling, exactly the opposite, he proved his might by being a servant. He never controlled Peter’s stubbornness, or Thomas’ doubt, not even Judas’ betrayal. He could’ve. But the ways of love are superior to the ways of power. More:

Controlling people (and controlling churches) create stressful environments for those around them. They control because they fear being harmed again.

This certainly explains Liberals.

I was going to put this in "Well Said" but then realized how apropos it is to some of those trying to take control of our political system.

This is what Media does to people - if you let it. Don't let the government corrupt you. Take a stand, join anonymous! Educate yourself, don't just watch tv all day and let yourself become brainwashed.

As I have said before the media controls the mind. Here we see how the television controls the mind and influences children. The thread is forming the brain just as the media influences certain beliefs and ideas into children’s minds.

Ilustrações retratam a agonia do livro "1984"

Haunting images of a new edition of the George Orwell classic Nineteen Eighty-Four (public library), illustrated by Jonathan Burton.

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