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Hardwell Diamonds offers pre-owned and never worn Rolex watches, watch parts and service.

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2016 Rolex DeepSea Sea Dweller 116660 - FLAWLESS - Hardwell Diamonds

2016 Rolex Deep Sea Dweller in flawless showroom condition. The watch shows absolutely no signs of wear. It comes complete with both boxes, card and holder, tags, manual and everything you see in photo #1. The watch is truly in mint condition and has no signs of ever being worn. And of course, being a 2016 model year, the serial number is randomized – Rolex’s latest anti-counterfieting technology. It was traded in with the plastic still on some parts of the watch - save yourself…

The Rolex Submariner: The most preferred watch in sports Rolex Oyster Perpetual, Rolex Submariner, Sport Watches, Rolex Watches, Diamonds, Product Launch, Luxury, Sports, Hs Sports

The Rolex Submariner: The most preferred watch in sports

Designed especially for the divers, the Rolex Submariner is a perfect epitome of a tough watch becoming a luxury icon. It is one of the most famous timepieces, preferred, particularly by sports persons. It was officially called Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner and was launched in the year 1953, specifically at the Swiss Watch Fair. At [...]

Rolex Sky-Dweller: A must have for globe trotters Rolex Gmt, Rolex Watches, Sky Dweller, Globe, Diamonds, Product Launch, Speech Balloon, Diamond

Rolex Sky-Dweller: A must have for globe trotters

The Rolex Sky-Dweller was launched at the Basel World in 2012, but to everybody’s amazement, it was something that no one expected. It was not a modified version of a Rolex GMT, nor was it a slightly reworked Sea-Dweller. The Rolex Sky-Dweller is something new and totally unique, but undoubtedly it is a Rolex from [...]

Replica Rolex: Reasons why not to buy Rolex Watches, Diamonds, Stuff To Buy, Accessories, Diamond, Jewelry Accessories

Replica Rolex: Reasons why not to buy

Are you really thinking to invest in a replica Rolex? Well, if you are, then we would request you to give up this idea. You might be not liking the concept of spending thousands of your hard earned dollars on a luxury watch, but do you honestly believe that giving away your money for a [...]

Facts about the Rolex Yacht-Master Rolex Models, Rolex Watches, Diamonds, Facts, Diamond

Facts about the Rolex Yacht-Master

Are you are thinking about adding a Rolex Yacht-Master to your watch collection? Well, that’s an absolutely brilliant choice of a Rolex that you must have. As its name implies, this particular Rolex model was designed especially for the seafaring men. The Rolex Yacht-Master can be easily distinguished from the others with its large hour [...]

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Where to sell Rolex Watch in Los Angeles?

Do you have a limited-edition Swiss timepiece to sell? Are you looking for a best deal to sell Rolex Watch in Los Angeles? If so, Hardwell Diamonds is the best place to sell your valuable timepiece. We at Hardwell Diamonds, specialize in rolex trade-in. We buy pre-owned luxury watches and also sell them at a [...]

When it comes to Rolex watches, the name itself speaks about the luxury and… Simple Way, Rolex Watches, Bracelet Watch, Things To Come, Luxury, Diamonds, Accessories, Shopping, Tecnologia

Simple Ways To Spot A Fake Rolex Watch

When it comes to Rolex watches, the name itself speaks about the luxury and class. This is a brand that is worldwide renowned for its precision and elegance. The perfection in performance and looks is an obvious reason why these watches are highly priced. Every person who owns it treats it like the most precious [...]

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Why Rolex Watches Are The Most Reputable Consumer Products In The World?

If you happen to be a man who commands respect, get admired for everything you do and desire as well as receive nothing but the best, then a Rolex Watches are exactly made for you. The Swiss luxury watchmaker’s brand, Rolex holds a grand reputation in the world for its excellent quality. Since it is [...]

Whether it’s your first Rolex Watch or you are a passionate buyer, it’s crucial… Gold Watch, Rolex Watches, Diamonds, Bracelets, Accessories, Diamond, Bracelet, Arm Bracelets, Bangle

Tips for basic care and maintenance of Rolex watch

Whether it’s your first Rolex Watch or you are a passionate buyer, it’s crucial to know about care and maintenance of these fine tuned watches. Rolex watches are famous for their elegance, style and precision. They are a perfect blend of beauty with excellence; that’s why they command such a high price. But, a Rolex [...]

Buying a Brand New Rolex vs an Unworn Rolex Watch - Hardwell Diamonds New Rolex, Rolex Watches, Diamonds, Brand New, Stuff To Buy, Diamond

Buying a Brand New Rolex vs an Unworn Rolex Watch - Hardwell Diamonds

It may seem like semantics at first, but there is a stark difference in the costs and benefits of buying a brand new Rolex versus buying an unworn Rolex. The first question that comes to people’s minds is, what’s the difference? Buying a brand new Rolex can only happen one way. You cannot buy it …

Buying A Rolex with a No-Holes Case Used Rolex, Rolex Watches, Diamonds, Bracelets, Silver, Stuff To Buy, Jewelry, Jewlery, Jewerly

Buying A Rolex with a No-Holes Case

Very often you will find that advertisements for used Rolex watches will contain the phrase “no-holes case“. To seasoned buyers and collectors this is a useful tool in determining very quickly how old the watch is, the kind of bracelet attached, and can even help narrow down search criteria – depending on whether or not [...]

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1997 Rolex Two Tone GMT II 16713 - Hardwell Diamonds

Excellent value on a very well preserved GMT II Rolex two-tone men's watch. Please study photos for it's condition. The watch shows beautifully, it's keeping excellent time, and does not show it's age. The crown screws on tight, no free play or wobble, and still has it's razor sharp splines. The date wheel flips properly and is centered perfectly in the date window. The razor sharp bezel turn smoothly and firmly, clicking into all of the appropriate positions consistently. The bracelet…

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2012 Rolex Milgauss Black Dial 116400 - Hardwell Diamonds

M serial pre-owned Rolex Milgauss featuring the discontinued black dial and clear crystal. Watch is all original and complete with it's card dated 2012, original box, tags and manuals. This watch has never been opened or tampered with, never polished and 100% genuine. Expect minor hairlines on the clasp from normal office use.

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2014 Rolex Deep Sea Dweller 116660 - Hardwell Diamonds

2014/2015 Rolex Deep Sea Dweller 116660 in excellent, unpolished and all original condition. This watch has never been opened, molested or modified in any way. An unbelievably hard find and a great purchase for the Rolex purist. This is the full set, and comes with everything you see in the photos - proper 2015 split-style card with correct boxes, green leather wallet, correct manuals and service guide, serial number tag, and even the original foam cloth for the inner box. This watch was…

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2015 Rolex Black Ceramic Submariner 116613LN - Hardwell Diamonds

Pre-Owned Rolex Submariner Ceramic 116613LB in flawless orignal condition. This watch was never worn by it's owner. We received it on trade from the original owner and had to remove some of the plastic in order to examine and evaluate the piece. This is the complete set with both boxes, all hang tags, manuals and warranty card. The original owner's name has been redacted from the card per our trade-in policy but the date reads May 2015. Selling cheap due an overstock of black dial subs…