Bushcraft Sporran

Bit a look at the bushcraft leather sporrans I make and some other gear.I based these belt pouches on historical 18 century Scottish design.

Me And My Nalgene Oasis...

Bushcraft, Notebooks, Oasis, Exploring, Notebook, Camping Survival, Laptops

Valise Equipment Pattern 1880's Ammo Pouch

This is a short film looking at the 130 year old Valise pattern pouch I use for my flint and steel kit.This pouch was design to carry the martini henry rifle.

Three Kangaroo Bushcraft Pouches

But just a short film looking at three bushcraft pouches I made using kangaroo fur.

Fur Kangaroo Tail Pocket Pouch Flint and Steel Kit

Kangaroo Tail, Flint And Steel, Bushcraft, Notebook, Pouches, Fur, Furs, Camping Survival, The Notebook

Paperbark Tree

I love paperbark trees this is a shot film I made about them. The paperbark tree was traditionally for making shelter, wrapping food and lining earth ovens.

Urban Foraging In The Australia Suburbs (Part Two)

I just took my camera for a walk and had a look at what free food can be found in the local suburbs.Free fruit from overhanging tree and weeds are all fair .

GI Roughout Boots

I been putting a set of vintage bushcraft gear based on what would of been used in the .

https://flic.kr/p/qMyhrb | Me And My Nalgene Oasis...

https://flic.kr/p/qMyhrb | Me And My Nalgene Oasis...

Notes On Bushcraft Knife Maintenance

This video explores the topic of bushcraft knife maintenance.I look at maintaining the sheath as well as the blade.