Myoporum parvifolium - effective Australian native groundcover.

Myoporum Parvifolium - Creeping Boobialla // Zone 1 // Ground cover and creeper. An effective Australian native ground cover.

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Grevillea 'Cooroora Cascade' is a beautiful ground cover Grevillea with long vibrant yellow brushes which appear from late summer through to autumn.

Grevillea curviloba

One of my Favourite Grevillea Groundcovers: Grevillea curviloba - Mallee Design - Grevillea curviloba - Grevillea curviloba - Grevillea curviloba

Grevillea curviloba, x full sun, well drained but moist soil, suitable for sheltered coastal gardens

grevillea poorinda - royal mantle

Grevillea 'Poorinda Royal Mantle' A single plant Can cover an area of 4 square metres

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The Grevillea Royal Mantle is Grevillea 'Poorinda Royal Mantle' is a hardy ground cover with beautiful coppery red foliage.

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It's actually a prostrate form of a she-oak, Casuarina glauca, known also by its common name Casuarina "Cousin It", so called after the.