What is an adjective?

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Literacy Teaching Resources - Amazing Adverbs, Adventurous Language poster set for classroom display

List of verbs

Irregular Verbs List Present Past Future


English Language for Fun: Learn types of VERB.

Adjectives to describe

The English Language – Parts of Speech

Amazing adjectives

Amazing Adjectives to Describe Feelings, People, Size and Noise

What is a noun?

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Verbs in present

Easy Read card idea for kid.


Clip Art Proper Nouns Clipart - Clipart Suggest


Have each student identify a noun in their story. Students contribute possible adjectives to each other's papers. Then learners look up unknown words, write example sentences and illustrate some of those sentences.

Verbs in present and simple past

Irregular verbs: In the simple past you can to use irregular verbs or regular verbs. In the table above are some irregular verbs.

Verbs in present

Visual cards to learn English words