I am in love with the door and the numbers!! I can always dream right :) ON SALE Street Number Door Decal. $8.00, via Etsy.

Love that the number is on the door.- Reasons why we need to buy a house after we marry. I love home decor and making a home mine Architectural Elements that make a difference-Windows,Design Ideas,Doors,Dream Home,Firepl

A Black + White Cottage with a beautiful garden…

A Black + White Cottage with a beautiful garden...

Glamour Drops by Blue Fruit :: a quest for the glamorous details in life ::: A Black + White Cottage with a beautiful garden.

Black painted weatherboard house, white window frames and door frames, potted lemon tree, timber decking

Simply furnished covered terrace of a Scandinavian summer house. The bushy lemon tree and potted geranium (or rose? Hard to tell.) really complete the relaxed, summery look.

Front porch - cover of June Home Beautiful, 2010.... with photoshopped tree covering my neighbour Denise's laundry steps!

Timber verandah, weatherboard walls and French doors with panel windows

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