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ladylyra: “ Don’t leave home without a moblin mask Bokoblin Lizalfos Lynel ”

Simply anything and everything to do with the Legend of Zelda.

Sulu is definitely texting. And this is my go-to response for everything I don't like now.

Is he texting? <--- yep "omg chekov is such a drama queen whatevs cap is coming ttyl" >>>> That is so funny, it really does look like he's texting.

Happy Valentines Day 2017! You can get this as a shirt too:… Previous Valentines Day Art: [Buy Prints] [Buy T-Shirt] [Facebook] [Tumblr] [Youtube] [Twit...

You have been blessed by heart container swag Link. Like to be blessed with the ability to find heart containers quickly in Breath of the Wild<<I counted the hearts and it's the amount you need to have the master sword (look at me I'm smart)

This would've been hilarious to see in the game.

This would've been hilarious to see in the game.>> link just stares at the yoga blademaster with a look of confusion (gotta admit I laughs pretty fucking hard when I saw this!