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Mayan or Aztec Headdress

Jessica S- Cultural appropriation is when popular culture adopts and then alters the purpose or significance in practices of another culture. This girl is wearing a headdress that could have been adopted from a different culture.

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Mayan Goddess of Fertility Ixchel with Moon Rabbit Statue La Diosa Mexicana IXM

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In Aztec mythology, Metztli (also Meztli, Metzi) was a deity of the moon, the…

Ixchel (“EE-shell”). Also Ix Chel, “Lady of the Rainbow;” the Mayan goddess of the moon, rain, medicine and midwifery revered throughout the Yucatan, stretching to El Salvador.

Also Ix Chel, “Lady of the Rainbow;” Mayan goddess of moon, rain, medicine & midwifery revered throughout the Yucatan