Crown fading hardly visible blending with surrounding, elephant merges/is part of the earth, lives as part not as though owning the earth. Humble in nature - forms forest//tree

Aztec, traditional, tattoo art

Very nice 2 colors realistic tattoo style of Aztec Warrior motive done by artist Arlo DiCristina

Mike Devries Africa tattoo. Similar to what I'm having done, only mine will be all big cats, I like it.

Africa& Big 5 by Mike DeVries - Africa& big 5 tattoo sleeve. All healed up in this pic. Lion, Elephant, Leopard, Buffalo and a Rhino mixed

African Mask, Cote D'Ivoire.

Dan "Deangle" Mask. Ivory Coast, West Africa

I feel this mask is very authentic with regards to the African society, therefore it is extremely effective

African silhouette set.

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Mask, Baule, Ivory Coast - Portraits masks Ndoma embody according to Susan Vogel (1997: 141-142) the fundamental Baulé style, considered by the artists themselves as "the top of the Baulé sculpture, its most beautiful form of art." A sculptural mastery, specific to each artist and translated into each of its controls, is added to the particular case of masks portraits part of freedom allowing him to fully express the extent of his art. Bokanda from the region, the eastern borders of the…

Mask, Baule, Ivory Coast - Portraits masks Ndoma embody according to Susan Vogel…


Aztec warrior with realistic piecing eyes and animal carvings above. This men's sleeve was done by Arlo DiCristina, an artist based in Grand Junction, Colorado.


Mask go Ge Dan, western Côte d'Ivoire early twentieth century. Wood, metal, plant fibers and hair - 26 x 14 cm © Dandrieu - Giovagnoni, photo gallery of the Archives.