Scarlett Stevens of San Cisco

Can sing and play drums. Anyone else in love with Scarlett Stevens of San Cisco?

Learn more about Australian foursome, San Cisco as they share their obsessions in an exclusive review and video; also catch the band’s recent video for “Awkward.”

San Cisco Is Obsessed With Infomercials, Dogs In Shoes, And YOLO (VIDEO)

San Cisco

San Cisco - "Put all my thoughts into a jar, hide it away somewhere so far, the thoughts, the things I thought I knew, and you could fit right in there too.

San Cisco | individual group shot.

San Cisco | individual group shot.

San Cisco. cool band :)

Even though they'll be wearing shirts San Cisco will still rock out at "Fashionably Loud" hosted by style queen and boutique owner Zara Bryson.