Sydney Harbour in New South Wales, Australia. Definitely one of the most beautiful cities I've ever visited. Not just that, but the people who live there are all incredibly hospitable. I'd love to go back one day to take in the culture for a week or two.


Photograph by Ben Moon/Aurora Photos -Australian longboarder Belinda Baggs ducks under a wave while surfing in Queensland.

Fraser Island

75 Mile Beach Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia (Fraser Island is a gateway from the Sunshine Coast)

Fraser Island, Australia

Fraser Island, Australia - Largest sand island in the world. This place is a trip & absolutely stunning!

Fraser Island dune, Australia

How Our World Would Look If You Were A Bird. Part 2 Sand dune in the heart of vegetation on Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia S, E).

Fraser Island, Australia

Fraser Island, Australia - this is crazy - fresh water lake, in the middle of the largest sand island in the world. Everyone races down the dune to plunge into the amazing fresh water.

Australia's Bondi Beach

Between a rock and a very wet place: Man confronts Mother Nature as giant waves batter Australia's Bondi Beach

Head on: The man stands on the edge of the rock face, bracing himself for the awesome power of a massive wave near Australia’s Bondi beach.